Services of Handico Trucking

  • Transportation of liquid and colli ADR goods.
  • Fully licensed for waste transport in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Transportation of powder loads in silo and box containers.
  • (Un)loading liquids in tank containers or flexi

One-stop-shop Services

  • Uncoupling container chassis at a depot
  • Through our warehouse we offer all warehouse facilities. Including:
    • Storage
    • Stuffing
    • Customs surveillance
  • Fumigation
  • VGM certificates for Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Customs declaration and documents
  • Flexible synchromodal solutions
More info

Handico Trucking is specialized in container trucking:

  • Own chassis for 20', 30', 40' and 45' containers
  • 20' heavy containers within legislation
  • Reefers with use of genset
  • Uncoupling of container chassis on depot

Other Services:

Handico Trucking can also offer the following services:

  • Bulk loads with silo and box containers, liquid or dry
  • Tipping work of 30' and 40' bulk containers with or without inliner, compressor or rotary valve
  • Discharging liquids with flexibags
  • Waste transport in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany
  • ADR transport: liquid in tank containers or colli in a box
  • Customs declarations and documents, warehousing facilities, fumigation, VGM certificates and flexible synchromodal solutions

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