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Handico Trucking stands for simply excellent container and reefer transport. We provide forwarders with reliable, tailor-made transport solutions at fair market rates.

Your containers, our expertise: that is the promise we keep.​​​​​​​

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In a commoditized market of container transport, Handico Trucking makes a difference by exceeding customer expectations in offering all services related to the transport of containers to & from major seaports & hubs in West-Europe.


Handico Trucking wants to be the preferred supplier for ‘one-stop-shop’ container transport and complementary services. Customer care with a personal touch and digital follow-up throughout the customer journey are key to our success!

Brand Values

Five brand values are at the core
of our business. The trust that we
receive from our customers is met
with efficiency and integrity.

We strive for excellence in
everything we do, with the highest
respect for our clients’ needs.

40 years of experience with container and reefer transport:

  • Reefer transport with active genset.
  • Transportation of liquid and colli ADR goods.
  • Fully licensed for waste transport in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Transportation of powder loads in silo and box containers.
  • (Un)loading liquids in tank containers or flexi-bag

Handico Trucking operates out of Antwerp and Rotterdam.
​​​​​​​From both ports we offer:

  • local harbor transports
  • one-way transports
  • roundtrips

Additionally we are active in Duisburg and all other inland terminals in Western Europe.
From there we offer:

  • inter depot transports
  • one-way transports
  • roundtrips

Handico Trucking is specialized in container trucking:

  • +100 trucks: own trucks and subcontractors
  • Transportation of all types of containers; 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft, HC
  • Fleet of 25 genset chassis for temperature controlled reefers
  • Tipping chassis for 20’ and 30’ bulk containers, optionally equipped with compressor or rotary valve
  • Certified for ADR and waste transport

One-stop-shop Services:

  • Uncoupling container chassis at your depot
  • Through our warehouse we offer all warehouse facilities. Including:
    • Storage
    • Stuffing
    • Customs surveillance
  • Fumigation
  • VGM certificates for Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Customs declaration and documents
  • Flexible synchromodal solutions



We offer:

Local harbor transports

One-way transports



Handico Trucking is active in:




All other inland terminals in Western Europe

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